Ficner dominates while Łobodziński takes revenge!


Despite extremely competitive group of international stair runners, it was Polish athletes who prevailed in the Rondo 1 Run Up 2017. Piotr Łobodziński avenged his last year's loss to Christian Riedl and Anna Ficner literally dominated women's competition.

Even before the race started, everyone stressed the importance of the qualifying round. Taking into account the finals were going to be organized in the pursuit race format, those who aspired to win in Rondo 1 had only one goal - to take the 'pole position' after qualifiers. Local heroes - Piotr Łobodziński and Anna Ficner - were both in this group and they got what they wanted. Łobodziński, current Towerrunning Tour leader and World Champion, made it to the 37th floor of Rondo 1 in 3:34, beating his biggest rival Christian Riedl (GER) by nearly 6 seconds. When Tomas Celko finished in 3:38, taking the 2nd place, it became clear that Riedl would need a miracle to repeat his last year's success in Warsaw.

Meanwhile, the women's competition saw an unbelievably strong performance from Anna Ficner who won the European Champion title in Rondo 1 last year. Although she was slower than in 2016, she managed to clock 4:40, setting a gap of as much as 30 seconds to the runner-up Dominika Stelmach (POL) before the final race. If Riedl needed a miracle, only some kind of a disaster could have stripped her of another win in Warsaw.

But neither a miracle, nor a disaster happened and the final races did not make any significant changes to the standings. Łobodziński and Ficner both claimed their third titles in the 7-year-long history of Rondo 1 Run Up.

A total of 600 stair runners took part in the event. Among them, there were some Polish celebrities who traditionally climbed for a charity organization - SOS Children's Villages. As a side event, a firefighter competition was also held in Rondo 1 with 61 teams on the starting list.

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Standings - Top 5 women:
1) Anna Ficner (POL)
2) Dominika Stelmach (POL)
3) Zuzana Krchova (CZE)
4) Ewelina Pisarek (POL)
5) Lenka Svabikova (CZE)

Standings - Top 5 men:
1) Piotr Łobodziński (POL)
2) Tomas Celko (SVK)
3) Christian Riedl (GER)
4) Stefan Stefina (SVK)
5) Tomas Macecek (CZE)

Full results: